Carbon Trading

Carbon Trading

Consilience’s expertise lies in the operation of market instruments and the best design of legislation to allow markets to do their job.

“We have been involved for 10 years now in the development of emissions trading,” says Liz Bossley, CEO and author of several books in her field. “The concept of ‘cap-and-trade’ that underlies the Kyoto Protocol and the European Emissions Trading Scheme is one that we wholly endorse, and we see considerable advantages in this approach compared with, say, command and control or taxation as a way of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

“We have been advising legislators on how to design policies that will let markets deliver their desired result. We have also been helping those who have to comply with the legislation to understand not only what they have to do to comply, but also to work out if they would be better off investing in green technology or buying the emissions allowances they need to stay within government GHG limits. Now we are rolling that knowledge out right across the world as new emissions trading schemes develop from the USA to South Korea and Australia”.

Consilience can guide you through the Kyoto project mechanics to help you get your project registered and certified by Designated Operational Entities and help you get best value for your Certified Emissions Reductions.

Consilience Carbon Trading Specialists

  • Liz Bossley 
has been involved in the evolution of emissions policy internationally and the development of emissions trading for ten years.
  • Richard Cockburn
 has particular expertise in the interaction of the power and emissions markets.
  • Andy Kerr 
has knowledge and expertise in the scientific issues surrounding climate change.

We recommend that clients should form their own view on the scientific issues, and our climate science associate, Andy Kerr, will be happy to explain the state of scientific knowledge to you or help you manage your measurement and verification issues.