The Consilience Energy Advisory Group

The Consilience Energy Advisory Group Ltd. is a private energy markets consultancy firm that has been operating since 1999. Its consultants and associates have amongst them hundreds of years of experience both as principals and advisers. The Consilience Energy Advisory Group was founded in 1999 and is based in London.

We work extensively with government, business and professional organisations from Europe, Africa, the United States and the Far East.

We work at the highest professional level in our field. We specialise in the operation of energy markets and associated activities. We are active in oil and gas, emissions, power, freight, and weather derivatives. We also advise on the optimisation of energy transportation logistics and the price formation process.

We work in the following four major areas:

We provide policy advice to governments, regulators 
and taxation authorities. We provide strategic, financing, 
trading and risk management advice to oil majors, independent 
companies, utilities, financial institutions and to other professional advisors.

We have a major international litigation support practice and work regularly as expert witnesses in disputes. The experience profile of our partners and associates makes us particularly sensitive to the needs of small, independent companies.

We will work as sole advisers or, as we often do, provide specialised support to other advisers. If we believe we do not have the right skill set for a particular assignment, we are happy to use our connections to help our clients find the appropriate advice.

The value we add derives from the years of practical experience in our chosen areas and the knowledge, skills and contacts of our consultants, all of whom have many years of senior industry experience behind them.

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