Freight Trading

Freight Trading

The freight market is often considered quite separately from the oil and gas markets, however its importance to a successful trading strategy cannot be overestimated.

The Consilience Energy Advisory Group has specialist skills and knowledge in the area of tanker operations and the freight market. Consilience can advise on the use of different tanker sizes and rates to optimise the economics of trade.

The Consilience Energy Advisory Group has experience in helping small producers engineer their marketing efforts in order to work in harmony with larger carriers. Using its expertise and industry knowledge, the Consilience Energy Advisory Group has also provided immediate advice and assistance to companies facing failure to lift situations. It advises companies seeking contracts of affreightment to offload oil from FPSOs and helps companies structure their risk management to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. The Consilience Energy Advisory Group is poised and ready to advise the shipping sector in the outcome of the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference and the IMO proposal to it.

Consilience Freight Trading Specialists

  • Liz Bossley has been operating in this field for 30 years and has given expert witness support to numerous litigations.