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    onsilience provides consultancy advice across the range of trading disciplines. Our services range from providing strategic advice to governments, regional administrations, major and independent corporations, and professional advisers including lawyers, accountants, economists and technical and engineering organisations.


    We offer practical advice on the implementation of trading schemes, hedging strategies and financing activities. Our experience also includes the creation and management of trading departments. We have helped establish the internal control systems including compliance and compliance reporting.


    For further details of our work within industry, please see Industry Sectors. For further information about Consilience’s consultancy capacity and experience, see the Consultancy page.

    Litigation Support

    Consilience has Expert Witnesses that specialize in oil and gas trading, emissions trading, power trading and freight trading.


    For more information about our industry expertise by sector, please see Industry Sectors. For further information about our expert witness practice, see the Litigation Support page.

    Education & Training

    We have a series of publicly available training courses as well as also providing numerous private training courses. We have provided training to banks and financial organisations, major energy and industrial companies and government institutions.


    Our Oil Trading courses are normally held in London or Geneva, whilst our Emissions Trading courses are kindly hosted by ICAP, the world’s largest interdealer broker, in their Broadgate offices.


    For further information about our courses and training, see the Education & Training page.

    Articles, Books & Studies

    We write articles about matters of topical interest for a selection of the business media, including the Petroleum Economist.


    We also author books on major areas of interest, for example our current book on emissions matters “Climate Change and Emissions Trading: What Every Business Needs to Know.” and our book on the Brent oil market, the market on which the majority of the world’s oil is priced “Brent: A User’s Guide to the Future Market”.