Gas Trading

Gas Trading

Consilience has specialist expertise in the gas market, which extends through expert witness work to market regulation issues to negotiating gas contracts.

Gas markets are becoming increasingly important as Europe moves towards low carbon energy sources and as the LNG market matures to compete with new pipeline capacity.

The complexity of gas trading stems from the ownership and controlled access to pipelines, cross-border issues and demand management. New gas pipelines are capital intensive, have long lead times and are fraught with political risk. Their construction requires new treaties, intergovernmental cross-border agreements, interface agreements and, often, new trading and tariff regulations.

Consilience Gas Trading Specialists

  • Robert Pritchard our senior associate is a specialist in cross-border gas projects and energy security.
  • John Walmsley
 has 30 years of experience of oil company management and financing both at the Chief Executive and Finance Director level. He has also been a partner in a major international accounting firm. He provides strategic advice and is an active non-executive director in the exploration and production sectors.
  • Liz Bossley and her team can help companies manage gas trading risk, source field development funding and understand how emissions regulation will affect the business development of firms involved in the gas business internationally.