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    Liz Bossley CEO In The Press…

    Palgrave Handbook of International Energy Economics finally published – instructions for accessing free PDF download and acquiring discounted hardcopies (if you so wish)

    It is our pleasure to be able to finally announce to you that our long awaited “Palgrave Handbook of International Energy Economics” has finally been published and is available for a free download on this website:


     Chapter 19 written by Liz Bossley


    Classic Crude Oil Trades : Real-Life Examples of Innovative Trading

    Some of the trades covered in the book are well known but most are only known to a small group or to market specialists. The ability to ‘see into’ actual trades offers a fascinating and unprecedented insight for those interested in the oil markets and gives the book broad appeal. The book can be used as an educational reference work by market participants and as a more general guide to how the crude oil market operates and the strategies that traders employ. There are very academic books about the theory of trading but nothing that directly covers real-life examples of innovative and winning trades, each of which illuminate a different aspect of trading or a different era in the oil markets. The presentation of each individual trade has been designed so that they can be used as case studies by business schools.


    Chapter 14 written by Liz Bossley


    Your Expert Witness Magazine issue 60


    The article on page 32 authored by Liz Bossley


    Your Expert Witness Magazine issue 59


    The article on page 19 authored by Liz Bossley