Expert Witness

Expert Witness

litigationThe Consilience Energy Advisory Group has the ability to support external legal advisors or in-house legal teams of companies who find themselves involved in trading and related litigation.Liz Bossley, the CEO, has participated in ~40 such disputes in the USA, Latin America, Europe, including Russia and other FSU states, throughout Africa and in the Far East.

We are commissioned regularly on a confidential basis to act as advisors and/or expert witnesses on international matters involving litigation both in the High Courts and in arbitration panels. This is one of the fastest growing areas of our business and reflects the fact that accurate management of complex legal issues has become an integral aspect of performance in the energy industry.

Our litigation support abilities usually involves appearing as an independent expert witness, but we have also been called on to act as an adviser to one or other of the protagonists in a dispute. We can help discover the underlying facts, understand the trading pattern or relevant commercial activities and compare any given situation with normal custom and practice of trade. We have substantial experience in establishing a fair and objective assessment of damages or ‘quantum’.

The sums involved in complex litigation cases can be substantial, running into hundreds of millions of dollars. We provide expert testimony on such issues as price benchmarking trends, valuation and current best practice on trading and contracts.

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Recent examples of our work include:

  • Litigation concerning misappropriation of oil
  • Litigation concerning the adulteration of oil and the misrepresentation of provenance
  • Litigation concerning a South American pipeline contract
  • Litigation concerning tanker and joint venture agreements
  • Litigation concerning a European gas ‘take or pay’ contract
  • Litigation concerning liability for compliance with emissions legislation
  • Litigation concerning the enforceability of an complex option derivative contracts
  • Litigation concerning failure to accept delivery of oil
  • Arbitration concerning internal transfer pricing between affiliates
  • Litigation concerning non-delivery of oil equipment and the consequent delay to production
  • A fuel oil and crude oil pricing dispute taken to arbitration

Liz Bossley is a member of the Expert Witness Institute.
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