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    Articles, Books & Studies

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    Articles, Books & Studies

    The Consilience Energy Advisory Group provides a range of commentary and analysis on matters of significance to the energy industry.


    These are published regularly in a range of specialist journals. Our Archive has more than 100 important articles that have been published over the last few years a sample selection of which are available to read at Consilience News


    • Regulation of the energy markets
    • Discussion and analysis of the developing emissions and weather markets
    • How the legislative framework for gas and power in the UK and Europe has evolved
    • The development of physical and financial tools for use in oil price formation
    • Risk management and control for energy traders, managers and other disciplines with an interest in the outcome.

    The list is being constantly updated and our articles cover a diverse range of topics

    To view the full range of Consilience Published Materials please see the Published Material section within the main menu. To purchase Consilience Books and Studies please visit the Consilience Store and the Archive for our detailed document search facility. This facility allows clients and other interested parties to find articles on specific topics.