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    The Consilience Energy Advisory Group helps policy makers and companies in the physical crude oil, refined products, freight and derivatives sectors to use the trading tool wisely and in an integrated way, appropriate to what they are trying to achieve.


    As every company has differing needs depending on their core activities, the guidance that the Consilience Energy Advisory Group provides also varies accordingly – with the advice given to an independent exploration and production company or small independent refinery being entirely different to the advice given to a major oil company, trading house, bank, or hedge fund.


    If you need a knowledge-led solution to an energy trading or logistics problem, then we are confident that the Consilience Energy Advisory Group can help you. Whether it is profitability, pricing, industry analysis or regulation that you are concerned about, we have the knowledge and the experience to guide you.


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    The Consilience Energy Advisory Group’s main business is giving consultancy advice to companies involved in the energy trading sector. This might involve, for example, helping companies enter new markets for the first time or reviewing the existing activities on behalf of a company’s board or management committee.We are frequently asked by audit committees to check that a company’s trading book is not only within the letter, but also within the spirit, of its trading guidelines and delegated authorities.


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    Consultancy Governments

    Oil and financial markets are affected fundamentally on the regulations set in place by governments. It is vitally important that Government ministries and departments understand the commercial implications of the policy decisions they set in place.


    The Consilience Energy Advisory Group is up to date with the effects of policy and regulatory changes that have an impact on market dynamics. We have been requested by numerous government agencies and departments internationally to provide advice on the implementation of production sharing regimes, tax legislation, price reporting and compliance. Most of this work is highly confidential.


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