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    A splendid book from the UK’s leading expert on oil trading. Liz Bossley writes in a manner that will appeal to both industry experts and to those without prior subject knowledge.
    Colin Bryce
    Co-Chief of Commodities and Head of Europe Institutional Sales & Trading, Morgan Stanley.


    From the molecular structure of Paraffins through to hedging cargoes, this book must rank as one of the major treatise on understanding the supply chain and the complexities of oil trading in today’s markets.  It should become a standard reference work.
    Crispian McCredie
    Former Publisher and Managing Director, The Petroleum Economist.


    Consilience focuses a sometimes irreverent, but always thought provoking, lens on all aspects of oil trading and provides a valuable insight into the business.
    David Hobbs
    Head of Research at King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center.


    A readable and enjoyable book on a complex subject by someone who has been a pioneer in the world of oil trading from the late 70s and early 80s; a period that saw the entire world of oil trading transformed and created anew. Liz’s experience as  a trader, a thought leader, a corporate player and a financial player is what has allowed her to crystalize into a simple but thorough guide on oil trading that is understandable to all; professionals and interested non-professionals alike.
    Dr Joseph A. Stanislaw
    Independent Senior Advisor, Energy & Sustainability, Deloitte LLP, Co-author of ‘The Commanding Heights’ and Founder of the JA Stanislaw Group.


    The Consilience Guide to Trading Crude Oil provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the otherwise obscure business of oil trading. It constitutes a basic reference for all those who need to understand how trading works, and especially for financial investors and market regulators. It also provides an excellent introduction and valuable reference for new recruits to the trading business. Bravo to Consilience for making this complex subject so easily understandable by a wide audience.
    John Gault
    President, John Gault S.A. Geneva
    Co-Director, Executive Master in Oil & Gas, The Graduate Institute, Geneva.


    Oil trading for the likes of me, grown up in the exploration & production business, has always seemed to be a most obscure business. This book, written by Liz Bossley, who I have known since she started work in 1978 at BNOC, is a masterpiece in unravelling the complexities and details of trading and making them easily understandable. Liz’s writing style is relaxed, which makes the book also a joy to read. Trading Oil, is indeed a book to be read by the professionals and laypeople alike. It can even be taken on holiday!
    Martin Lovegrove
    previously, Chief Executive, Harrison Lovegrove & Co.